Last weekend, MISSY SKINS held an urban gypsy-themed Summer Essentials Bazaar at the newly opened W Shanghai wet deck.


    We are the urban gypsy generation.

    Inspired by bohemia and gypsy culture - pioneering the nomadic freelance lifestyle is no truer than today. Reflecting the diversity of our times and embracing curiosity, we live in a global village where we have the freedom and inclination to move from place to place, all the while discovering with a conscious mind in order to not lose touch with our spiritual self and mother earth.

    Thanks to everyone that came along to support and everyone that showed us love!

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    Photography:Mark and Alek

    Thanks to our vendors:
    Okra Handmade
    Ross & Brown
    Apelles Apothecary & Lab
    Straight Up Razors

    Special thanks to the team at W Shanghai!