• Music is our soul food here at MISSY SKINS and an endless source of inspiration for our collections. We have so much love and admiration for the ladies fearlessly doing their thang in the music world, so we have introduced MUSIC MUSE, where we spotlight babes that are making waves in the music industry and share some of their music with you, with hope to inspire.


    Gavin Turek is hailed as LA’s disco-pop princess, and this girl’s got it all to boot – the voice, the moves, and pure 70’s goddess vibes. Her spectacular live performances have garnered her fans far and wide, including Mayer Hawthorne whom was one of the first to loop her in on tours and asked her to guest-vocal on his newest project, Tuxedo.

    20160722_Missyskins_GavinTurek_0224 copy

    Gavin wears Morrison fitted leather jacket, Jane lace bra top, Jocilyn lace flare trousers and Agatha drop cross earrings from ROYALTY BY MISSY SKINS.


    Gavin wears Binx oversized leather jacket, Sid print tee and Agatha drop cross earrings from ROYALTY BY MISSY SKINS.

    20160722_Missyskins_GavinTurek_0232 copy

    Gavin wears Lucia floral silk top, Lizzy lurex high neck top (worn underneath), Anaury floral print wide leg trousers and Agatha drop cross earrings from ROYALTY BY MISSY SKINS.

    Photographer: Dark Wang @ CENTRAL STUDIOS.
    Shot on location at Jinjiang Metropolo Dahua Hotel.

    For more Gavin, check out her website!

    December 5, 2016

  • MISSY GIRL is our periodic feature of a sassy lass that echoes the spirit of MISSY SKINS. She's modern and thrives off the pulse of big cities. She's a rebel and a free spirit. She's spicy and sweet.

    We ask them to come in and style themselves in a MISSY SKINS outfit (or two!), find out what makes them tick, where they go to find that special something, and just overall badass girly intel.

    For this issue of MISSY GIRL we brought in Popil – an independent artist and curator. She’s also a sports and adventure enthusiast, having been selected as the sole Chinese participant in “100 Days of Polar Night Magic”, an adventure tour sponsored by Finland’s tourism board and Finnair. Her exhibition tour “Magic Forest” was inspired by this Finnish adventure and the full spectrum of emotions experienced on this trip – joy, fear, excitement, doubt…all spilled out through the tip of her paint brush. How will the various facets of this curious creature shine through in her MISSY SKINS?

    1. Care to share some adventure stories from your trip to Finland?

    The entire trip was one big fantastic adventure. Everything we encountered along the way was like a fantasy movie, and one you will experience only once in your life. In the Arctic Circle, we had to endure sub-40 temperatures as survivors living off the wild. We were also explorers – traversing through magical forests and spending three months in endless night without the sun ever rising. We experienced a variety of extreme winter sports including climbing icefalls, ice diving, telemark skiing, snow rally car racing, kiteskiing, amongst others. I have recorded all our adventures in my new book and look forward to sharing these stories with everyone.

    2. Did you see the Northern Lights? Can you describe what you saw?

    In fact, the Northern Lights were present all through the three months we were there, like an old friend. The novelty wore off pretty quick and we got accustomed to its presence, to a point where it was like a beacon guiding us on our journey.

    3. Why did you choose the name "Magic Forest" for your exhibition?

    We spent a full week in the white forest, camping on barren glacial plains and sleeping on thick snow. The weight of snow bending the pine trees as if they were lost dinosaurs, direction-less in the maze. We were there at the turning point of the endless nights and when the sun finally peeked over the horizon, everything was lit up in a dreamy purple hue. As if falling into a frozen fairyland, I felt lost in this magical world. This is why I decided to call the exhibition Magic Forest – to convey the experience and emotions I felt during this time.

    4. What is your favourite piece from this exhibition? Care to share the story behind this piece?

    It's really impossible for me to choose a favourite piece, since each piece harks back to a specific memory from the trip, each memory a weave in the tapestry. This exhibition isn’t solely about showcasing my artwork, I hope to convey what I saw and experienced on this trip to Finland. Sadly I was only able to exhibit my illustrations and paintings on the Shanghai leg of the exhibition tour; the photography and installation works have already been shipped to the next stop on the tour - Chongqing. Hope to see you at the Chongqing exhibition!

    5. Who is the subject of the illustrations you drew for us on this shoot? What’s his or her story?

    Actually the subject is me! Haha. I like to draw depending on my mood at the time – wearing MISSY SKINS on this shoot has also brought some inspiration to me so I imagined how I would be if I lived in a two-dimensional world.

    6. What’s your perspective on fashion?

    I think style is the most important facet of a fashion brand. Fashion is like a monster that you can only understand so much of because it’s ever-evolving. A fashion brand is like a master that can tame this monster.

    7. What sort of feeling does MISSY SKINS give you?

    MISSY SKINS and I have an independent relationship, like a friend. She shares similar personality traits as me, and feels like my new skin.

    8. As an athletic person with such a busy schedule, how do you find the time to exercise?

    When I hit a mental block and need to kick start my creative juices again, exercise is the best remedy!

    9. Care to share a secret with us?

    Wow, confession time huh? I have a hoarding problem…I love collecting babushka dolls. Every country actually has its own interpretation of babushka dolls, so I love seeking these out and collecting them!

    All clothing and accessories on Popil are from our Pre-spring 2017 collection, LOVE KILLS BY MISSY SKINS, available at the end of December. Socks and shoes her own.

    Photographer: Heineken @ CENTRAL STUDIOS.

    December 2, 2016

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    PRE-SPRING 2017




    Photos and video courtesy of Central Studios

    October 20, 2016