• The Missy team wishes everyone a happy and prosperous year of the rooster!


    January 27, 2017

  • title BLACK FRIDAY

    Regarded as one of the unluckiest days of the year and full of all sorts of dark and creepy inspirations…Black Friday is upon us but don't worry - embrace the darkness because we’ve got you covered!


    American Psycho
    Bret Easton Ellis

    Spawned from Ellis’ own alienation and madness in the late 80’s, this classic twisted satire of a Wall-Street yuppie searching for his escape through murder has also been adapted into a critically-acclaimed cult classic film.



    Metallica’s self-titled album, released in 1991, is also known as the ‘Black Album’. One of the most classic metal albums of all time and an instant hit at the time of release, be sure to turn this one up and let your hair down for some good thrashing.


    It Follows
    David Robert Mitchell

    Devilishy stylish and creepy af, this modern horror film about a young woman that’s followed by a supernatural force after a sexual encounter gives us the heebie jeebies and we’re all for it.


    All styles featured are from our Pre-Spring 2017 collection, LOVE KILLS BY MISSY SKINS.


    January 13, 2017

  • MISSY GIRL is our periodic feature of a sassy lass that echoes the spirit of MISSY SKINS. She's modern and thrives off the pulse of big cities. She's a rebel and a free spirit. She's spicy and sweet.

    We ask them to come in and style themselves in a MISSY SKINS outfit (or two!), find out what makes them tick, where they go to find that special something, and just overall badass girly intel.

    For our final MISSY GIRL feature of the year, we asked dancer Athena to come in and show us how this Missy does it. She started learning folk dancing at the age of six, and it was during university that her hobbies lead her to street dancing. Possessing an undeniable gift for rhythm, she was soon crowned champion at UPTEMP, China’s university street dance competition, and was the first ever to have held that position two years in a row. Just as she decided to pursue dancing as a career, an unfortunate ACL injury lead her doctor to advise her to give it all up. With determination and strong will, she underwent rehabilitation for a year and returned to the stage… Since then, she’s won freestyle championships in Shanghai, Taiwan, and Japan, amongst others. In between being a dance instructor and acting, she also models on the side… and living the dream she’s always wanted.

    1. Being a dancer is a pretty unique job, tell us what your days consist of?

    Aside from practicing, I stay at home to read and listen to music. I’m really more of a quiet person in real life, coming alive when I’m on stage!

    2. Which professional dancer do you look up to?

    Gene Kelly, the main actor from Singing in the Rain. He seamlessly combines dancing with the art of film. No one supersedes him in my opinion!

    3. Who’s your favourite musical artist?

    James Brown, the undisputed god of soul!

    4. What’s your most memorable dance competition?

    Once at a global championship, every other nation’s team had cheerleaders cheering them on – then there was my teammate and me, all alone without anyone cheering – but we ended up winning the championship! At that moment I really felt I did China proud!

    5. Attending dance competitions have brought you to many cities around the world, what’s your favourite?

    Amsterdam. It’s such a liberal and free place, allowing the arts to flourish with no bounds.

    6. How would you describe your day-to-day style?

    Quite different to my dancing style, my personal style is quite simple and elegant.

    7. What’s your interpretation of “Love Kills”?

    Love is the simplest reason to be alive, without it we may as well be dead!

    athena5 _S3C0423

    All clothing and accessories on Athena are from our Pre-spring 2017 collection, LOVE KILLS BY MISSY SKINS, available in January.

    Photographer: Wang Yang @ CENTRAL STUDIOS.

    December 30, 2016