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    As one of the rising bloggers in China’s ever-evolving landscape, Li Yilin - known as 10 - having studied fashion design in Japan, manages to straddle a balance between her street edge and mass appeal. Having worked with who’s who in the fashion and beauty sector, she’s ever-present at all the fashion events flanking her close circle of in-the-know friends. Her striking features and cool-girl attitude had us all starry-eyed when we shot her in MISSY SKINS. Let’s see what this usually minimalistic and sports-influenced babe does with her styling magic on our two current collections, LOVE KILLS BY MISSY SKINS and HEAVENLY CREATURES BY MISSY SKINS.

    10 MOBILE

    10 wears Bliss tee, Fantasy lace camisole with train, Rebel lace camisole, Myrtle frill pant, Dancer mini bucket bag and Big Love embroidered earrings all from LOVE KILLS BY MISSY SKINS.

    10 MOBILE

    10 wears Novia tank top, Heavenly denim jacket, Bumble denim mini skirt, Marijuana embroidered single earring, Susana embroidered earrings, Rae mini shoulder bag and Paradise coin purse all from HEAVENLY CREATURES BY MISSY SKINS.

    10 MOBILE

    10 wears Star high neck blouse, Sky T-strap dress, Dawn blazer, Suzanna hoop earrings and Sharina ring all from HEAVENLY CREATURES BY MISSY SKINS.

    Photographer: Samuel Croskery
    Production: Central Studios

    April 7, 2017

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    MISSY GIRL is our periodic feature of a sassy lass that echoes the spirit of MISSY SKINS. She's modern and thrives off the pulse of big cities. She's a rebel and a free spirit. She's spicy and sweet.

    We ask them to come in and style themselves in a MISSY SKINS outfit (or two!), find out what makes them tick, where they go to find that special something, and just overall badass girly intel.

    For this month’s MISSY GIRL, we checked in with Tera Feng – who’s been busy doing the rounds at Europe’s fashion week stops – wearing her MISSY SKINS! This seasoned fashionista, in between her globe-trotting lifestyle, runs a jewellery showroom based out of Hong Kong called Kuan Concept Showroom. Having brought her jewel discoveries to notable multi-brand stores as well as collaborations with museums and online lifestyle platforms…. Let’s see what she has to share with us!


    1. What made you decide to start a jewellery showroom?

    I started Kuan Concept Showroom in 2013, with a focus on contemporary accessories. Although accessories may seem insignificant to some, to me it carries a wealth of culture, artistry and craftsmanship – it’s the finishing touch on any outfit and embodies the soul of personal style.

    2. What’s coming up next with Kuan?

    The brands we are working with right now are sold in museum gift shops and multi-brand stores around the world. We hope to become a platform for contemporary accessory designers and through our showroom and social media become a resource for consumers to discover new designers.

    20170222_MFW_Tera Feng_SY_00012 20170301_PFW_Tera Feng_SY_00012

    3. How have you found the transition from stylist to blogger? What has been your biggest challenge?

    As a blogger, I’m more able to share my styling philosophy through social media. I love interacting with my followers and they give me the power to keep going! When I was in Paris this time, a foreign girl came up with her boyfriend and asked to take a photo with me, because she follows me on Instagram and loves my accessories! It was definitely a pleasant surprise!

    4. How would you describe your sense of style?

    I love mixing and matching different styles, as I have a broad appreciation for fashion.

    20170304_PFW_Tera Feng_SY_00019 20170223_MFW_Tera Feng_SY_000117

    5. What’s your most fail-safe outfit?

    When I’m shot for inspiration, I just go with the basics because you can never go wrong with that!

    6. You’ve been to many international catwalk shows. Have you ever felt starstruck by anyone you’ve met?

    I’ve always loved Diana Pernet so meeting her was definitely a highlight!

    7. Where do you turn to if you hit a creative wall?

    Usually travel, exercise, and some QT with my closest friends will fix me right up!

    8. Which MISSY SKINS item was love at first sight?

    The mens line leather jacket! It has clean lines, and is a little oversized…so it looks super cool on girls. I love the juxtaposition with MISSY SKINS’ white lace styles!


    Tera wears Gatsby print blazer, Feline wide leg pants, and Big Love embroidered earrings all from LOVE KILLS BY MISSY SKINS; MISSY SKINS MR. leather jacket; Jane lace bra top from ROYALTY BY MISSY SKINS.

    Photographer: Shen Yi @ CENTRAL STUDIOS

    March 31, 2017

  • Music is our soul food here at MISSY SKINS and an endless source of inspiration for our collections. We have so much love and admiration for the ladies fearlessly doing their thang in the music world, so we have introduced MUSIC MUSE, where we spotlight babes that are making waves in the music industry and share some of their music with you, with hope to inspire.


    Native New Yorker Brittany Sky is a musical, style and cultural force to be reckoned with. She was thrust into the limelight when she appeared as the leading lady in Kendrick Lamar’s video for Poetic Justice. Since then, her rising repertoire has seen her tour with Cee-Lo, DJ alongside Soulection artists and supporting acts such as Future.

    Bridging the gap seamlessly between sub-cultural and corporate platforms, her upbeat mixes and personal influence have earmarked her as a favourite with brands such as Nike, Adidas, Beats by Dre and W Hotels. She stopped by the MISSY SKINS office on her recent trip to Shanghai - we love how she rocks her MISSY wares with her streetwise balance of sass and sweet.


    Brittany wears Scorned lurex long sleeve tee, Evonne relaxed fit pant and Big Love embroidered earrings from LOVE KILLS BY MISSY SKINS.


    Brittany wears Crimson maxi dress and Luv embroidered necklace from LOVE KILLS BY MISSY SKINS.

    Photography: Wang Yang @ CENTRAL STUDIOS.

    For more Brittany, check out her website!

    March 15, 2017