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    Behind every great man is a great woman… This age-old adage is something we’re all familiar with. But behind every great woman is often a man and certainly at MISSY SKINS, we have been supported since day one by the men in our lives. Our significant others, our family, our friends and our collaborators… So giving credit where credit’s due, we bring you our newest feature, HEY MR.


    Arthur and Tom, the double-vision duo behind YETI OUT, a trans-Asian musical and cultural collective and friends of MISSY SKINS, takes the lead in our first ever HEY MR. feature.

    With the rise of global Asian culture and media collectives such as Hypebeast and 88Rising, the boys are leading a new wave of creatives carving out their niche in this Brave New World.

    Born in Hong Kong to a Cantonese mother and English father, these twin brothers have lived in Vancouver, London, Manchester and Shanghai. Their global upbringing and insatiable quest for sound during their university years soon had them blogging, DJ-ing and throwing parties in East London under the YETI moniker. With their move back to Asia they set out to propel YETI into a powerhouse collective throwing underground parties, bringing over a killer roster of artists from the likes of A$AP MOB and Soulection, hosting art shows and radio sessions, as well as working with some of the most globally-respected brands in an agency capacity.

    yeti-3 yeti-4

    ① As brothers running a company together, how do you avoid getting at each other’s throats?

    Arthur: Easy, live in two different cities!
    Tom: Leave my knives at home!

    ② How do you split the responsibilities with YETI?

    Arthur: To be honest, we're just figuring it out as we go along.
    Tom: Twins are telepathic, it's a natural instinct.

    ③ How different is your sound?

    Arthur: We play similar tunes, perhaps more rap for me, Tom leans towards more dancey/disco stuff.
    Tom: I've been getting back into some older UK funky tracks lately, some Lil Silva...Roska Roska.

    ④ Where do you see club music going in the near future?

    Arthur: I think genres in music will continue to blur, with the new constantly referencing the past, the East admiring the West and vice versa. There will always be some kind of new, short-lived genre, which will be exciting but not sustainable enough for people to reminisce over.
    Tom: Yeah, definitely continued hybrid outputs of past and present genres. Also with the internet, people can tap into music cultures without travelling away from home. So a bedroom producer from Baltimore can make a Bollywood B more edit without visiting Mumbai. It could be a banger or a track that lacks relevance but we'll continue to have more choices as the listener.

    ⑤ Shanghai and Hong Kong are somewhat pseudo-dystopian future cities. What interesting trends are you seeing coming up that you think might shape things to come?

    Arthur: As far as trends go, I think the focus will go back to wardrobe basics, but designed with quality in mind; a really well tailored chambray or fitted tee. Loud logos to be replaced by merch from your local greasy diner or radio station - wearing culture/good times as opposed to brands.
    Tom: Is Tu Hao a trend? That's been on a come up!

    ⑥ Sneakers or oxfords?

    Arthur: Sneakers
    Tom: Sneakers

    ⑦ Jeans or chinos?

    Arthur: Chinos
    Tom: Chinos

    ⑧ Digital or analog?

    Arthur: Digital
    Tom: Digital

    ⑨ East or West?

    Arthur: East
    Tom: Both

    ⑩ Space travel or time travel?

    Arthur: Time travel
    Tom: Space Travel

    ⑪ Asian, white or girls of colour?

    Arthur: You left out Avatars
    Tom: Ahh yes, the lush alien world of Pandora <3


    The boys have each put together an exclusive playlist for our readers! Click the links below to listen on Spotify!



    For more YETI sounds and news, check out their Mixcloud, Website, or Instagram!

    Photography by Lolita Sharun

    July 5, 2017

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    MISSY TRAVEL is our feature that spotlights sacred destinations for those wanderlusters in-the-know. Each time, we will feature a class-act destination and offer up our top 5 must-sees, tried and tested by the Missy team ourselves. With summer in full swing we're dreaming of tropical getaways and the allure of the Caribbean Ocean's gem-coloured waters...So today, we bring you our top picks from the islands of Turks and Caicos.


    A local favourite on the beach, sway away the magic hours with sand between your toes and their famous rum punch in hand but beware – the punch will knock you dead! Serving Caribbean flavours, be sure to try their blackened fish tacos and pick up a conch seashell souvenir on your way out.

    Blue Hills Rd, Providenciales


    Bradley Theodore’s colourful and otherworldly paintings take inspiration from his hometown of Turks and Caicos. Having worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Kanye West, he has caricaturized famous faces such as Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour on murals in cities like NYC, Hong Kong, LA and Paris. He now lives in NYC but will soon open a studio/gallery in Turks. Be sure to look this up before you hit the island!


    Take in the sights of larger-than-life yachts and sharks feeding at the marina. Pack a lunch, rent a boat, and gaze out at the endless turquoise waters on your way to explore the surrounding islands.

    On the North Shore, strong winds draw kite surfers from all over. Close to the beach is the new Shore Club with a luxury hotel/apartment complex where you can lounge at one of the lovely pools with cocktail in hand.

    Leeward, Providenciales


    The place to be on a Friday night, this is where all the young and hip mingle and dance the night away. For all you yogis out there, this is a great place for morning yoga classes, even if you’re not staying at the hotel. It also boasts a gorgeous pool and is just steps away from the beach.

    Lower Bight Road, Providenciales


    For that requisite island vibe, look no further for exquisite local seafood fare under palms and fairy lights.

    Grace Bay, Providenciales


    The absolute lap of luxury where you could rub shoulders with stars like Beyonce, Jay-Z and the Beckhams. The best place for a sunset cocktail.

    Northwest Point, Providenciales


    For holidaymakers looking for something a bit more traditional and classy, this hotel has the best landscaping and also boasts – in our opinion – the best boutique on the island.

    Grace Bay Beach, Princess Dr, Providenciales


    For all you divers – you can get certified here and the instructors have the most incredible knowledge of all the best places to explore in the deep azure.

    Grace Bay Rd, Grace Bay, Providenciales


    We rocked items from our Pre-Summer range, LOVE KILLS, for our Turks and Caicos adventure. The bright colours. prints and light fabrics are perfect for an island getaway.

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    June 30, 2017

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    MISSY GIRL is our periodic feature of a sassy lass that echoes the spirit of MISSY SKINS. She's modern and thrives off the pulse of big cities. She's a rebel and a free spirit. She's spicy and sweet.

    Serena, with her wild hair and most infectious of smiles, is our go-to makeup-artist here at MISSY SKINS. Having done makeup for more than half our photoshoots, her eye for beauty, can-do attitude and innate charm make her an absolute dream to work with.

    Upon graduating from Parsons, Serena worked as an assistant editor for three years before joining a Hong Kong-based image consultancy – that’s when her career as a makeup artist began. Serena moved to Shanghai in 2011 and has since beautified famous faces such as Ziyi Zhang, Chris Lee, and Taiwanese singer Amei, as well as working with major magazine editorials and top-tier luxury and beauty brands.

    Serena2-1 serena serena3

    Serena wears Novia tank top, Lily maxi skirt, and Dawn blazer all from HEAVENLY CREATURE BY MISSY SKINS.

    1. How did you become a makeup artist? Have you always wanted to be one?

    I’ve always been fascinated with all things beautiful from a young age. I’m especially fascinated with the face – every face is different and possesses unique features. It feels special to be able to make someone beautiful – I derive joy from making people happy. Being a makeup artist is my dream job, you need to find that passion you’re willing to die for…

    2. You have the most wild hair! How do you manage it?

    I don’t usually do anything to my hair, whether I fuss with it or not, it has its own mind anyway!

    3. You’ve travelled to some amazing places to shoot – what’s your fave destination and why?

    I guess I’d have to say Hawaii. The ocean is so beautiful, it’s the bluest waters I’ve ever seen. There are so many gorgeous sights that take your breath away. I love that there are so many water sports there, in particular surfing!

    4. What’s your fave beauty trend right now?

    The ‘no makeup look’. Less is more, for sure!

    5. What's your holy grail product?

    Hydrating masks, particularly ones from Sisley, Laneige and Lanocreme. I use them every day.


    6. Care to share a beauty tip with us?

    The best tips I can give are to keep your skin hydrated and sleep early! Also, dare to be yourself – stay weird, be different.


    Serena wears Portia sequin dress and Heavenly denim jacket all from HEAVENLY CREATURE BY MISSY SKINS.
    serena-makeup-looks make-up-looks2

    Photos of Serena by Shen Yi @ Central Studios

    June 1, 2017