• MISSY GIRL is our periodic feature of a sassy lass that echoes the spirit of MISSY SKINS. She's modern and thrives off the pulse of big cities. She's a rebel and a free spirit. She's spicy and sweet.

    We ask them to come in and style themselves in a MISSY SKINS outfit (or two!), find out what makes them tick, where they go to find that special something, and just overall badass girly intel.

    For this round of Missy Girl, we brought in Qiwei Lu, a budding Shanghainese TV actress. Urged to audition for ads by her dance instructor at age four, from there her acting career blossomed and she now has many a soap opera to her name. Known for her big, bright eyes, beneath her cherub face lies a strong, unbending character that beholds her success.

    1. Introduce yourself to our readers.

    I’m a post-90’s Gemini baby that thrives on new and exciting things. I’m quite impatient and don’t have the best temperament at times, but I have a real sense of justice and in a way I’m really a tomboy!

    2. What do you occupy yourself with in your spare time?

    I love watching movies, taking photos, playing mahjong, listening to rock n roll, and swimming.

    3. Being an actress sounds like a fun job to have. Care to share some interesting insights?

    Well, the interesting thing about acting for me is, if the role I’ve been cast in has a different character and circumstance as myself, it allows me to experience a different kind of ‘life’. Just like how I’ve never served in the army, never been a princess, never been a ganster…..but for three months as we shoot a soap, I can experience and live all these things. That never gets old!

    4. Describe your style? What’s your favourite piece from today’s shoot?

    I like to dress casually and comfortably usually. My fave piece from today is the denim hoodie! It’s so easy to wear and literally goes with everything – plus the detailing is really considered, which I love.

    5. What about food – what do you enjoy eating?

    I’ m obsessed with spicy food! Give me spicy any day – teamed with a cold beer!

    6. You love photography – what takeaways do you have from your experiences shooting photos?

    I’ve never learned how to take photos properly, everything is self-taught! I just shoot, twiddle the knobs, and see what happens. So yeah, really nothing to write home about! But to me, photography is just about capturing the moment, so it’s just a way for me to record my memories for enjoyment.

    7. Which city would you like to live in and why?

    I think for now I’d like to stay in Shanghai, since my life and work are here. When I’m older I hope to hop around and live in different cities for short periods of time…

    8. What’s one thing that’s always in your bag aside from cellphone and keys?

    Moisturising lipstick!

    9. What’s one great movie you’ve seen lately?

    That’s a hard one… The new Jason Bourne movie just came out but I haven’t had time to check it out yet. I just recently revisited Bourne Identity 1-3 and they’re definitely the best secret agent movies in my opinion! My favourite movie of all time though is Blue is the Warmest Color.

    10. You also teach children how to dance. Do you prefer dancing or acting?

    I still prefer acting, but teaching children to dance is a lot of fun. Children are always a handful, so a great challenge awaits me at every class! Children are so naïve and adorable, so spending time with them makes me happy.

    Qiwei wears Moon Walker tee, Ivy denim hoodie, Firecracker lace short, Ami necklace and Ella open ring all from FOREVER YOUNG BY MISSY SKINS.

    Qiwei wears Lizzy lurex high neck top and Rachael moth drop earrings from ROYALTY BY MISSY SKINS. Forever Young military shirt jacket from FOREVER YOUNG BY MISSY SKINS.

    Photography courtesy of CENTRAL STUDIOS.

    September 5, 2016

  • MISSY SKINS was invited to set up an installation at Shanghai Design Week, which took place from August 26-29.

    As a leather brand, the focus was on the craft of leathermaking: one of the oldest crafts in history. The environmental impact of the process of leather-making is widely known, but what is worth highlighting is the fact that the skins used are a byproduct of the meat industry. Combined with the use of vegetable dyes and off cuts from garment manufacturing, we produced a weave in-house, woven by the Missy girls -- a handmade wall hanging that tells our story: LOVE LIVES HERE.

    weave small

    August 31, 2016

  • Girls will be girls and really, attitude and life perspective is everything.

    We invited two independent babes to come in and have some fun with our new collection, FOREVER YOUNG BY MISSY SKINS. The theme revolves around nostalgia and so this was about bringing the old together with the new, to reinterpret a vintage sensibility in a modern way. Let us tap into these girls wardrobes and heads…


    Age: 22

    Occupation: Stylist

    Star Sign: Leo


    Age: 27

    Occupation: Events Manager

    Star Sign: Scorpio

    MISSY SKINS (MS): What's your most-prized vintage item? Is there a story behind it?

    RUBY: My cat eye sunglasses. I saw these at a vintage market in New York - as soon as I put them on I knew I could never take them off.

    BEBE: The pearl necklace I'm wearing today. They belonged to my mother. Good jewellery really stands the test of time! When I was younger I always wanted to buy new everything - now I'm starting to appreciate the beauty in old things.

    MS: What are some memories of your mother or grandma? What about her style, did she influence you at all?

    RUBY: Definitely my mother. Growing up and seeing photos of her, she was like a goddess to me. When she was younger she looked a lot like the Japanese singer Momoe Yamaguchi! Style-wise, I guess you could call her style a retro mash-up?

    BEBE: The women in my family are all very persistent with their dressing. My grandma on my mother's side was always in a dress; my grandma on dad's side to this day still has all her clothes tailor-made. My mother is almost always in heels - she even went hiking in heels once and was all "Ladies should not be seen in sneakers!" It's really quite admirable, to be so persistent with something for so many years. I hope to be able to have that kind of persistence, too!

    MS: If you could freeze time at any age, which age would it be and why?

    RUBY: Here and now! Every day I feel like I'm at my most beautiful.

    BEBE: High school! That was one of the happiest times of my life. How about them high school sweethearts!

    MS: What is your idea of effortless dressing?

    RUBY: Effortless dressing is - easy to put on, easy to move in!

    BEBE: I go with my gut feeling at the time!

    MS: What is your favourite item from FOREVER YOUNG?

    RUBY: The chipmunk sweat I'm wearing is my fave! It's so cute, plus the tassels on the sleeves move with you....perfect for a hyperactive girl like me!

    BEBE: I like the leopard faux fur coat with the rocket patches, it's SO cute!

    MS: Both of you girls have beautiful tattoos, which is your favourite one?

    RUBY: My favourite is the one on my inside left thigh. It says 'I love all my mistakes'. All my imperfections have shaped me into who I am today.

    BEBE: The geometric one on my forearm is my fave. It's a tattoo I had done with one of my BFFs in university. We're both sci-fi geeks, and at the time we were both obsessed with Doctor Who. Our tattoos are inspired by Time Lords' language - mine's 'time' and hers is 'space'.

    MS: Did you have a childhood pet? Tell us a bit about that...

    RUBY: I've had hamsters, turtles and bunnies growing up. The turtles lived the longest...

    BEBE: In elementary school everyone had tadpoles. They were even available to buy at the wet markets so I begged my parents to buy me some, too. I thought they were adorable until they started to grow legs! It scared me to tears! Haha. Even now I'm still a little scared of them...

    Ruby and Bebe both wear items from FOREVER YOUNG BY MISSY SKINS.

    July 27, 2016