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    MISSY GIRL is our periodic feature of a sassy lass that echoes the spirit of MISSY SKINS. She's modern and thrives off the pulse of big cities. She's a rebel and a free spirit. She's spicy and sweet.

    Serena, with her wild hair and most infectious of smiles, is our go-to makeup-artist here at MISSY SKINS. Having done makeup for more than half our photoshoots, her eye for beauty, can-do attitude and innate charm make her an absolute dream to work with.

    Upon graduating from Parsons, Serena worked as an assistant editor for three years before joining a Hong Kong-based image consultancy – that’s when her career as a makeup artist began. Serena moved to Shanghai in 2011 and has since beautified famous faces such as Ziyi Zhang, Chris Lee, and Taiwanese singer Amei, as well as working with major magazine editorials and top-tier luxury and beauty brands.

    Serena2-1 serena serena3

    Serena wears Novia tank top, Lily maxi skirt, and Dawn blazer all from HEAVENLY CREATURE BY MISSY SKINS.

    1. How did you become a makeup artist? Have you always wanted to be one?

    I’ve always been fascinated with all things beautiful from a young age. I’m especially fascinated with the face – every face is different and possesses unique features. It feels special to be able to make someone beautiful – I derive joy from making people happy. Being a makeup artist is my dream job, you need to find that passion you’re willing to die for…

    2. You have the most wild hair! How do you manage it?

    I don’t usually do anything to my hair, whether I fuss with it or not, it has its own mind anyway!

    3. You’ve travelled to some amazing places to shoot – what’s your fave destination and why?

    I guess I’d have to say Hawaii. The ocean is so beautiful, it’s the bluest waters I’ve ever seen. There are so many gorgeous sights that take your breath away. I love that there are so many water sports there, in particular surfing!

    4. What’s your fave beauty trend right now?

    The ‘no makeup look’. Less is more, for sure!

    5. What's your holy grail product?

    Hydrating masks, particularly ones from Sisley, Laneige and Lanocreme. I use them every day.


    6. Care to share a beauty tip with us?

    The best tips I can give are to keep your skin hydrated and sleep early! Also, dare to be yourself – stay weird, be different.


    Serena wears Portia sequin dress and Heavenly denim jacket all from HEAVENLY CREATURE BY MISSY SKINS.
    serena-makeup-looks make-up-looks2

    Photos of Serena by Shen Yi @ Central Studios

    June 1, 2017

  • Mother's-Day-1

    "A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."
    ―Agatha Christie, "The Last Séance"


    Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Mothers are the gift of life, so be sure to show how grateful you are, whether by giving her a call, sending her some flowers or taking her out for a special meal...

    MISSY SKINS’ Co-Founder and Creative Director, Natasha, is also a mother. For this special occasion we tapped into her little world with some gorgeous intimate photos of her and her son, Maximus, shot by her husband and father to Max, Rodney!


    Natasha also shares with us her 5 fave pieces from the HEAVENLY CREATURES range. Pssssst – to the ladies that are still looking for last minute gifts for your mamma, here’s your inside tip!

    Mother's-Day-4-2 ana-leather-short-2

    “I love the idea of summer leather. This item is perfect – the leather is paper-thin and the cut oversized enough to keep you comfy and cool.”

    Mother's-Day-5-2 impala-leather-top

    “Cut from the same paperweight leather, this top is so simple and sleek, and just the right length to sit atop any bottom!”

    Mother's-Day-6-2 bumble-skirt-2

    “Such a classic summer item with a total hit of cool. It’s fitted to hide all your bumps but not too short for Mum!”

    Mother's-Day-7-2 mismatch-tee

    “An easy, light weight item cut from a comfy light cotton jersey, wear it out or tucked in!”

    Mother's-Day-8-2 valeria-earrings-2

    Adds a bit of fun and colour, it’s like dressing up without really dressing up!


    May 11, 2017

  • Music is our soul food here at MISSY SKINS and an endless source of inspiration for our collections. We have so much love and admiration for the ladies fearlessly doing their thang in the music world, so we‘ve introduced MUSIC MUSE, where we spotlight babes that are making waves in the music industry and share some of their music with you, with hope to inspire.


    Hailing from Jamaica and raised in an artistic family, Lacy is born with groove in her heart. As one of the original members of the SHFT. 1LVSH crew, she’s helped propel SHFT. to tremendous success and has played alongside some of the most respectable acts in music today including Troyboi and Stooki Sound. She also runs her monthly night, Nature Feels, at Arcade. Her sound is a blend of hip hop, dancehall, future house and chill trap. Tune in to her exclusive mix for us below and see how she rocks her Missy look!

    Lacychu-2-2 Lacychu-4

    1. You were raised in Jamaica – the heartland of reggae and dancehall – how did you end up in Shanghai?

    Well, my parents were first brought out here for business opportunities and they coerced me to come out and learn the language! That was back in 2009 and I've been here ever since - Shanghai is my second home so to speak.

    2. What was the first album you ever bought?

    I believe it was NOW 7, or 9 or maybe 13? I don't remember the exact number but it was one of those NOW! CD packs, haha! I remember getting so hyped in the music store with my mum that day, little 10 or 11-year-old Lacy going crazy.

    3. Who were your biggest musical influences growing up?

    My family is very artistic/music-oriented, so I grew up listening to a lot of different kinds of music. Those who really stood out to me were the powerful vocalists such as Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Sade, Jill Scott, Bob Marley… the list could go on and on.

    4. What’s one album you’re ashamed of admitting you own?

    Haha personally I'm not ashamed - but other people have made fun of me when my various anime OST songs come on randomly. I get weird looks from my friends especially when I am singing it word for word with just as much vigor as the anime itself!

    5. If you could be in any musical group for a day, which would it be?

    Ohhh, that's a tough one, but I'd have to say Local Natives - to bring in some female vocals/harmonies for a day.

    6. Where do you dig for new music these days?

    It's a mixture, various channels on YouTube, Netease Music for sure - because they have a specialty filter based on what I like - as well as from family members and the SHFT. team's playlists.

    7. Who/what track do you have on repeat 1 right now?

    It's not just one track actually, more like a playlist that's on repeat which includes both of the Local Natives albums Hummingbird and Sunlit Youth AND Heart Wants by Magic City Hippies (Thanks Aina!)

    8. What’s one album dropping this year that you can’t wait for?

    Gorillaz’ Humanz, which should be out April 28th and Major Lazer’s Music Is The Weapon (release date TBD).

    9. What’s one Chinese act coming up that you’re excited about?

    Also another tough one, but for sure Lil Akin & VISUDY (as separate musicians and for their collaborations). If you haven't heard of them go look up Give U My Tape and Seaside Motel as well as Look At U by VISUDY.

    Lacychu-5 Lacychu-6 Lacychu-7Lacychu-3

    Lacy wears Memory lace low back top, Love Kills denim jacket with banner, Ana leather lace hem short, Susana embroidered earrings and Dancer mini bucket bag.

    Photography: Kosi Chen

    For more Lacy and happenings at SHFT., check out their Facebook page!

    May 4, 2017